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Think you can't afford Aquin?

Assistance is Available--almost 100% of our families that apply receive grants!
 1. Discount information
      2% tuition discount if all tuition and fees are paid by July 31, 2023
 2. Grants
   -Funded by donations:  Colby Smith Memorial, Aquin Open, Guardian Angel.
   -Available for Kindergarten through Grade 12.  
   -Applications are on the website.
   -Family completes FACTS form.
   -There is a $40 fee that must be submitted with the application.
   -Priority date is May 15.
   -School notifies aid recipients in June.
   -Tuition grants are applied to tuition balance in July.
   -Tuition grants are awarded to families who have completed the FACTS application and registration fee for the incoming school year.
  3.Special Arrangements
   -Meet with Aquin superintendent
   -Consult with parish priest


Click here to complete FACTS form to be considered for Grant Assistance.

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarships

The Illinois Invest in Kids Act, recently passed by the Illinois state legislature, was designed to create a more equitable formula for school funding. It includes a provision that has the potential to provide increased scholarship funding for families who choose to enroll their children at private schools including Aquin Schools. The provision allows individuals and corporations to donate to scholarship granting organizations (SGOs) and receive credit against their state taxes in return. The SGOs will then use the donated funds to grant scholarships to qualifying Illinois students to attend the private school of their choice.
Visit the Illinois Invest in Kids Web Site

Illinois State Tax Credit Program/Invest in Kids Act Summary
  • Beginning in 2018, individuals and corporations will have the opportunity to make a donation to one or more Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs), in exchange for a 75% credit on their Illinois tax return.
  • The SGOs will utilize the donations to grant scholarships to qualifying families for their students to attend private schools in Illinois, such as Aquin Schools.
  • Individuals may direct their donations to any private K-12 school in Illinois, including Aquin Schools. However, they cannot direct their donation to a specific student. Corporate donations will be placed in a general scholarship fund to be divided among all families applying for a scholarship, including Aquin Schools families.
  • Donations are capped at $1 million per taxpayer per year. The total number of tax credits statewide is capped at $75 million per year (or $100 million in donations).
Information for Families 

Tax Credit Scholarships have the potential to increase the scholarship funds available to Aquin Schools families beginning with the 2018-19 school year.  While not all families will be eligible for the new scholarships, we want to make sure everyone is aware of the opportunity. It is important that families who do qualify for the scholarships fully understand the process before applications open since scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. 

Applications may be accepted as early as December. 

Tax Credit Scholarships have the potential to cover 50%, 75%, or 100% of tuition and eligible fees depending on household income.  The Chicago Archdiocese has also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Tax Credit Scholarships. Families are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Tax Credit Scholarship Program material in order to be fully prepared to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.  Updated information will be posted on a regular basis. 
View Scholarship Eligibility Guidelines

Information for Donors
  • Donors must establish an account through MyTax Illinois before they can apply for the tax credits. Those interested in applying for the credits must create a MyTax Illinois account at
  • The tax credit application will be available on January 2 through MyTax Illinois at 
  • Tax credits will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Approval is automatic as long as the regional and statewide thresholds have not been met. We anticipate the thresholds will be met very quickly, so we encourage donors to apply within the first hour of the site opening on January 2.
  • Once your tax credit application is approved, you will be issued a Contribution Authorization Certificate that must be submitted, along with your donation, to the SGO within 60 days. (SGOs are still being established; we will share specific information regarding the SGO you should apply to as soon as it is available.)
  • Donors will receive a certificate of receipt from the SGO within 30 days of the donation. The SGO will also notify the Department of Revenue that a donation was made.
  • If a donor reserves a credit and does not donate or, gives less than the amount they indicated to the Illinois Department of Revenue, they forfeit their tax credit.
  • Donors cannot take a federal tax deduction for donations associated with the Invest in Kids Act.
  • Credits are non-refundable, but can be carried forward for five years. The Invest in Kids Act will automatically be repealed effective January 1, 2024 if the Illinois legislature does not extend the program.
Specific questions regarding Tax Credit Scholarships can be directed to Mrs. Elizabeth Heitkamp at 815-235-3154 x 224 or